Knowledge Marketing for Industry (KMI)

Manufacturing companies can add 10%, 20% or more to their top line with organic growth.   This type of growth is achieved by re-inventing the marketing strategy and associated tactics to increase reach and deepen engagement with the target audience with a framework called Knowledge Marketing.

Knowledge Marketing is a powerful strategy whereby the firm helps the people in the target audience be better at something that matters to them.  The firm uses it’s unique expertise and experts to educate the target audience about something that matters to them by relieving a pain, addressing a need or enhancing a passion.

When you help the people in your target audience be better your firm gains 3 critical benefits that fuel an incredible organic growth rate:

  1. Top of Mind Awareness (TOMA)
  2. Strong credibility in the minds of your target audience
  3. Reciprocity – if you give people a gift of education, they want to reciprocate by doing business with your firm.

TOMA + Credibility = growth

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Bruce talks about MMI’s 3 Knowledge Marketing Specialties.